USUREI Donnevara "Surei"

(NICO Donnevara X KELLY NICE Donnevara)

* 22. 4. 2011
HD B/A, ED 0/0         
62 cm, shorthaired
Brood bitch


HD B/A, ED 0/0

MDR1 (+/+)
DM - N/N (normal) degenerative Myelopathy

MH - N/N (malignant hypertermia)
genetic profile in Czech republic 

Junior champion of Slovakia
Junior champion of Czech Republic
Champion of Slovakia
Champion of Czech Republic
Club Champion
Derby Winner 2012
Grand Prix Slovakia Junior Winner 2012

Started Champion of CMKU
Started Champion of Poland
Started Champion of Slovenia

MISS 2012 - 3rd place in club competition WSS

6 x CAJC, 11 x CAC, 1 x r.CAC, 3 x CACIB, 2 x r.CACIB, 2 x CAC ČMKU, 4 x JBOB, 2 x BOB, JBOG3, JBOG2, JBIG3, BIG4
Surei is medium strong female, correct angulation front and back legs, well shaped head, good quality of coat, excellent pigmentation of the nose and mucous membranes, tail correctly set and carried. She is very calm and friendly female, the family dog and good watchdog