Atagora - Atagora – Internationally protected name of kennel Atagora was registered 29. 8. 2011 under registration number 729/11


Let me introduce name of my kennel. Kennel name consists of three names of dogs which I owned and raised, from three names of „gray creatures“. Although currently isn´t our team only gray and some members are in dogs heaven, these „three gray creatures“ decided to establish our kennel. The breed which fascinated me is weimaraner – it is a gray plush. Have a first litter allowed me to „third gray creature“ in order and is not nobody else than my awesome and unique Coreen. How time flew, some members of my family decided, that World isn´t only gray and we bought a White Swiss Shepherd, it is a white furry. Kennel name I choose neutral with respect to ownership of two different breeds, which doesn´t identify specific breed, but expressed to me what I can´t describe in words. It express how much affected my life these first „three gray creatures“. This three names are AsTA-arGO-coRA and it is ATAGORA.


The name ASTA - she was my first weimaraner girl and forever will stay in my memory. She convinced me that weimaraner is not just hunting dog but also an excellent companion and protector of the family and that life without weimaraner is little bit sad.

The name ARGO unfortunately was not vouchsafed to call for a long time, it was the name of our second weimaraner, but but even in this short time they were with us, gave us this boy a lot of joy.

The name CORA (Coreen) is the name of my third weimaraner, who at the first moment when I saw her, was my little princess and my big hope to future. Because of this girl decided to establish my weimaraner kennel. I believe, that she will successful founder of litters under the kennel name Atagora.