Litter C

spring 2017



Mother: "Cora" Coreen Love de Donawitz

Father: Granitehill Return To Send´R


68 cm, scissor bite, complete teeth 

HD: A/A   ED: 0/0
Work: B Trial, IPO
Video pointing


Zagreb Winner 2012, CRUFTS Qualification 2012,



Litter B - Weimaraner shorthaired  

* 28. 6. 2015 

MotherCoreen Love de Donawitz - "CORA" (Sireva Minstergate Paganini X Eternal Vision at Sirius Nova) More information click here

Father: Gunalt De Ice At Stridview - "Ice" (the male from England - check stud dog FCI with more than 150 offspring in England, this mating is the first in Czech Republic) 

date of birth - 28. 6. 2015

Puppies to new home from  - od 1. 9. 2015 

6 boys, 4 girls

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VIDEO - 5,5 week

VIDEO - click here

VIDEO - click here

VIDEO - click here

VIDEO - click here


Each puppy has own photogallery, just click on puppy picture and you open his photogallery


   Yellow male - Bright ICE Gem         red male - Brave ICE Heart

         Owner:  NL                                     Owner: CZ


   Brown male - Black ICE Coffee      Grey male - Big ICE Breaker

              Owner: CZ                                 Owner: DE


   Blue male - Blue ICE Flake             Green male - Best Green ICE Tea

   owner:  SK                                          owner: SK


  White female                                     Pink female

  owner:  CZ                                          owner:  CZ


  Orange female                                  Purple female

   owner:  CZ                                         owner:  CZ



FOTO 5,5 week - 6 week


FOTO 5 week - 

FOTO 4. week

VIDEO - 3 week

VIDEO 3,5 week

FOTO 3 week HERE

FOTO 2 week HERE 

FOTO 1 week HERE 



Growth table - male  
color yellow
green boy grey boy brown boy red boy
time of Birth 17:00 17:50 19:30 21:30 22:20 23:15
weight at birth 450 400 400 520 460 460
1st week 820 720 700 840 750 770
2nd week 1180 1100 1080 1340 1240 1350
3rd week 2080 1680 1680 2330 1870 1870
4th week 3000 2600 2600 3460 2930 3160
5th week 4140 3300 3500 4580 3900 4240
6th week 5600 4400 4450 5800 4800 5600
7th week            
8th week            


Growth table - female  
color white
orange girl pink girl purple girl
time of Birth 15:15 18:15 18:40 21:00
at  Birth
330 450 500 300
1st week 640 840 840 620
2nd week 1100 1300 1300 950
3rd week 1680 1930 1980 1600
4th week 2330 2470 2680 2250
5th week 3200 3500 3800 3280
6th week 4100 4500 4800 4300
7th week        
8th week        


FATHER´S PEDIGREE with photos of his ancestors (to enlarge click on photo of pedigree)


FATHER´S PEDIGREE (to enlarge click on photo of pedigree)  

"Show successes of „ICE"

Place of show Judge result
Manchester 2015 Mr C Atkinson DCC, BOB
Crufts 2015 Mrs Pam Blay DCC, BOB,
Welks 2015 Tricia Grimes(Ansona) DCC, BOB
Weimaraner asociation
Mr Tim Smith(Roxberg) DCC, BOB
Boston 2014 Mr C Woodward RDCC
Scottish Kennel Club 2014 Mr A Rutland (Khamsyn) DCC, BOB
Bath 2014 Mrs Rachael Barney DCC, BOB
Blackpool 2014 Mrs L Rutland RDCC
Windsor 2014 J Richardson DCC
East of england 2014 Kevin Grewcock DCC, BOB
Welsh Kennel Club 2014 Julien Barney DCC, BOB
Scotitish Kennel Club 2014 Sue Harris DCC, BOB
Belfast 2014 Do Arrowsmith DCC
LKA 2014 Kevin Grewcock RDCC
East of England 2013 Mr S G Redman DCC, BOB
Weimaraner asociation 2013 Mrs T Cass: Dogs, Mrs J Byrne:
Miss J A Turner: Referee
Crufts 2013 Mr R A Clarke DCC, BOB,
Manchester 2013 Mrs Sandra M Marshall DCC, BOB


The father of this litter is a dog from English blood, he is living in England. He is very used in England like stud male with more than 150 offsprings. He is a dog with wonderful balanced character, perfect topline, he has hard straight back in moving too, perfect carried tail, good strong bones.

He is holder of many valuable show awards in Enland!!! Won the prestigious Cruft´s title – the best male and best of breed in 2013 and finally got the 2nd place in the group of the hunting dogs (7th + 8th group of FCI); Cruft´s 2015 got the 4th place in group of the hunting dogs; The big show „Manchester Championship Dog Show 2015“ – the first place in group of the hunting dogs (it´s like 7th + 8th group of FCI); and many many other awards a titles. He is placed from the beginning of his show career on the top of the England´s club shows of the Weimaraner shorthaired. He very often wins best of male in this shows but even the best of breed and best dog from the group of hunting dogs – multi BOB, multi CC (it´s like CACIB), multi BIS.
We can find a lot of famous and important ancestors in his pedigree  who are regularly used in breeding in England. Especially his father GUNALT Unstoppable From Mianja, which has more than 240 offsprings!!! Another important stud male, of this absolutely wonderful pedigree, is for example ENRYB Home Alone, GUNALT Excess, Hansom Portman of Gunalt etc.
Ice comes from one of the oldest and the most prestigious kennels in England - Kennel GUNALT - breeder Stephen a Patsy Hollings. These breeders bred more than 1800 dogs who successfully, with excellent results, represent this kennel at the most prestigious dog shows in England. The Ice´s litter (in 2009) his breeders repeated (two years later, in 2011) therefore is Ice totally from 14 siblings.
Ice´s pedigree is revival of the blood for Czech breeding. This dog was never used for a breeding in Czech and Slovak republic. His pedigree is absolutely unrelated to the third generation (with the exception of one dog which is Enryb Home Alone – he is in some Czech offspring but in 5th generation).
Father of this litter we chose to fit our idea. Weimaraner shorthaired dog, according to us, to be a medium strong or more than medium strong dog with sifficiently strong bones, nice and moderately wide head proportional to his body, with elegant movement, straight back and well set tail. This beautiful gorgeous powerful dog all this expectations fulfills. His high preference,  advantage, very good condition and perfect health is proved by a large number of his offsprings.
And mother of this litter will be our great Coreen – female not only beautiful but also very smart and handy in work. More informations about this wonderful girl you can find on her profile – web page
She gave a very beautiful and show´s successful puppies with perfect strong bones in her first litter.
You will find under this text many photos. But for me is not important only perfect hangling and show´s stand, that´s why I attach here a few illustration dog as well in movement.
From this future litter B coming from ICE + COREEN we are expecting puppies with a strong bones, streight fix back, well set tail. By combination these two pedigrees will be arise dogs from 2/3 English blood and concurrently represent connections two lines which are in England one of the most prestigious and the most significant kennels. It is a line SIREVA from the mother´s side (more about this on WP of Coreen) and from father´s side is line GUNALT. From this litter we expecting puppies with a great show´s perspective and with perfect working taste. And thanks Ice´s pedigree will also have a good future breeding potential.
This litter is for us extraordinary and it is our big dream to keep one female for us like a continuer and successor of our breed. One male we want give to co-owner into a loving home.
If you are interested in this amazing litter do not hesitate to contact us.
Video of ICE (father of litter) in movement

Group Judging - Crufts 2013 - 2st place

Video: minute - 6:03-6:16, 39:17-40:35, 41:15-41:25, 42:00-42:05, 42:25-43:03, 47:55 - 48:03


Ladies Kennel Association 2014 - Gundog group - 1st place

Video: minute - 0:00-0:07, 3:05 - 3:15, 5:15 - 5:22, 5:50 - 6:12


Manchester Championship Dog Show 2015 - Gundog group - 1st place

Video: minute - 0:05, 2:12 - 2:18, 3:45 - 4:05, 4:15 - 4:40, 5:20 - 5:35

Group Judging - Gundog group - Crufts 2015 - 4st place

Video: minutae - 4:50 - 5:05, 45:30 - 46:48, 50:44 - 51:15, 55:18 - 55:26, 55:38 - 55:45, 57:10 - 57:15


Another photos you can find here in the link



A few photos of sire of this litter you can find here.

Dog on the right





Mother: Coreen Love de Donawitz - "CORA"

Father: Bromhund Sensation At Greynie - "LUCKY"  -


mating: 24. + 26. 12. 2013

confirmed pregnancy: 16. 1. 2014    -      pregnancy confirmed

date of birth puppies:                      -  25. 2. 2014

Expected consumption of puppies:    - last week in April 2014


More information click here

I would like to introduce you first, long awaited and carefully planned litter of breeding kennel ATAGORA, combination of english and australian blood, specialized in working, exterior qualities and health. Mating is expected in January 2014 and purchase of puppies in at the end of april 2014. The mother will be my beautiful and skillful Coreen who I walked a big piece of the way for filled dream with.
The father will be amazing Lucky who I carefully follow from his arrival in Europe and who achieved everything what I expect from stud dog, he is not only beautiful but also skillful at work. We accept reservation on puppies.